If you’ve been away from Cagayan de Oro for some time and you live in Barangay Carmen, chances are you didn’t see the construction of the new Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church. In fact, I myself couldn’t recall when was the old church demolished.

As seen in the photos, the new church is much larger, more spacious and more grand. The new altar, the first to be built before the main building looks elegant. Construction took several years and even now it is yet to be finished with the exterior yet to be painted, the window canopy still to be installed, and some landscaping and construction still in progress. The parish hosts the most populous barangay in the city and the old structure just wouldn’t cater to its parishioners.

A huge statue of Padre Pio stands at the main ground at the front shown below with still no roof.

A new gate will soon be constructed along Seriña Street. The current gate is along Villarin Street where the previous church was facing. Workers are seen constructing the main pillars of the new entrance.

The size of the church entails huge costs and hopefully, sooner the new church will finally have its completion. More photos below.

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