Garbage problem? TAWAG BAI!….actually BAI is an acronym for Basura Atbp Inc., a private entity which was commisioned by the city government of Cagayan de Oro to collect garbage in the city. For the past few months, you may have noticed these dark green colored garbage trucks roaming around the city streets. Indeed, they will respond to you at any hour of the day.

I have friends who have called their number (088) 310-0166, and truly, in full uniform and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, boots, helmets, etc… they come and collect your garbage.

Their operations have somewhat resulted to cleaner streets due to absence (or minimized presence) of uncollected garbage. Privatization of garbage collection may have somewhat relieved the city’s general services department but still, a huge part of the system are the waste generators themselves (or us). If only we practice simple waste management in our respective homes, the problem of generation or collection for that matter wouldn’t have to result to privatization.

But still, it’s a welcome development and it’s doing its job well and hoping it would sustain its efficiency.

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