Here are some pictures taken from Pryce Plaza on Masterson-Macanhan Junction where the proposed flyover will be built. Traffic in this area worsens during rush hours and sometimes results to a grid-lock. The main junction is however blocked from view by a huge billboard (ad space available – by Ultracraft) right of the picture above.

Macanhan is a densely populated section of Barangay Carmen and more so, further south of Macanhan is Lower Balulang where another densely-populated large residential area exists. Masterson Avenue on the other hand is the road which begins at the approach of Kagay-an Bridge and the southern tip of Vamenta Boulevard and leads to uptown Cagayan de Oro, Pueblo de Oro, Xavier Estates and of course Lumbia Airport.

As illustrated below, the entry to Macanhan is a narrow 2-lane road. Masterson begins as a four-lane road from West City Central School then becomes just 2-lanes as it starts it ascent just after the junction.

Zayas Street creates the confusion as vehicles avoiding the traffic along Vamenta Boulevard will take the lesser busy Villarin-Zayas route and ends up at the junction. Whether turning south to Macanhan or make a U-turn towards uptown CdeO along Masterson, both will create a log jam in the absence of traffic lights and traffic officers, not mentioning the abusive drivers.

Based on initial info, the proposal for the flyover will make uptown-bound vehicles avoid the chaotic junction, and vice-versa coming from uptown to downtown as shown below. To make room for the flyover approach, a portion of the hillside just before the junction will be utilized for vehicles coming from uptown but are bound for Macanhan. The flyover will rejoin Masterson just before the pedestrian overpass.

This is just my personal assumption on the proposed flyover pending the release of the official perspective. Fingers-crossed, this will alleviate the traffic congestion in the said junction.

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