I scanned this ad from a local paper. Aptly titled “REUNITED” – because these media practitioners are former stalwarts of DXIF Bombo Radyo who have now transferred to a new radio station, MAGNUM RADIO which will soon start its official broadcast in the airwaves of Cagayan de Oro City and nearby areas this coming February 28.

As shown, the ad featured the likes of Joel Jacobo, Joel Baldelovar, Jun Albino, and Manny Agustero, who most Cagayanons knew only of their voices heard on radio. The new Magnum Radio is said to begin sometime this weekend and is reportedly owned by Mr. Roger Chiu of Graphics and Mallberry Suites fame. By the way, it’s on FM radio and not AM. Their transmitter is said to be at the top of Mallberry Suites, currently the tallest building in the city.

It i’s currently on test broadcast.

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