The opening of Jatico Adventures at Bayanga this city has been delayed due to changes in the plans particularly in their zipline course.

Originally planned for a 4-course zipline, it has been upgraded into a 5-course zipline shown above (from FB account). The initial 5-course zipline shown below has a total length of approximately 898 meters (2,946 feet). It has the letters of J.A.T.I.C.O. Based on the diagram, the respective lengths are as follows:

  1. J-A – 377 meters (1236 ft)
  2. A-T – 132 meters (435 ft)
  3. T-I – 181 meters (592 ft)
  4. I-C – 90 meters (295 ft)
  5. C-O – 118 meters (388 ft)

The upgrade will bring about installation of new foundations and platforms, thus the delay.

Also, shown below is probably the first cable car in Cagayan de Oro. The aerial cable lift will transport to the zipline launching pad. This will materialize during Phase 3 of the development.

Below are progress photos (from FB account) of the development of Jatico Adventures.

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