New construction and progress buzzes around the city include the increasing buzz of the eventual construction of Bellevue Hotel at Kauswagan. Accordingly, the info is that it will rise at the property formerly owned by Jimar Construction.

As stated in news articles several months ago, the Bellevue Group will be putting up “B Hotels” in some parts of the country including one in Cagayan de Oro. So, since the rumor is high that a Manila-based businessman has purchased the said lot to establish a hotel and this was also corroborated by an announcement made by the City Mayor Vicente Emano on radio. So where in Kauswagan could this lot be? I’m pretty sure it’s along the highway.

Speaking of Kauswagan, there’s a new construction right beside Polymedic Medical Plaza shown below. Quite a large area, what do you think? A fastfood outlet? a hotel? No tarpaulin is installed yet. The work is still in its initial stage so we may get some more info in a few weeks.

Any help info could be highly appreciated….

Duck Tours in CDO

Here’s a new buzz…Engr. Elpie Paras just last week stated in his facebook (Dahilayan Adventure Park) that he will introduce Drop Zone, the first tethered basejump simulator in the country (see my POST). Now, it was revealed by Mayor Emano again that he’s planning to introduce DUCK TOURS in Cagayan de Oro City…and again, another first in the country. This is reportedlty similar to the one used in Singapore shown below.

Duck Tours are tours that take place on purpose-built amphibious tour buses. In CDO, the land tour will take you to the different historical sites and other landmarks in the city…while the water tour will bring you to where else but Cagayan de Oro River…Unlike boats or river taxis, sediments deposited on the river will not be a problem for Duck Tours because they have wheels. Now this is something to look forward….if this materializes.

Ororama Puerto

I’ve talked to someone who’s employed at Ororama’s sales office and she told me they are seriosuly considering putting up a branch at Puerto. Although she couldn’t confirm it, she says it will likely be constructed at Mr. See’s property which is near the gasoline station….I failed to ask which station though…:)

Microtel Inn

PHINMA Group, which owns the Microtel chain of hotels is reportedly pursuing in putting up a branch to the city. I had a related post (LINK) regarding their plans of exploring possibilities of Microtell Inns in some aeas in the country. With the booming hotel industry in the city, putting up a branch here is very timely.

JR Borja Bridge

We might finally see some progress on the long awaited bridge which would link JR Borja Street and Carmen. The bridge which is funded by the Spanish Grant was in the doldrums reportedly due to politics. With the ongoing corruption investigations in Congress (what else is new?), it’s about time this bridge would be realized.

Another Starbucks?

The economic success currently being enjoyed by the first Starbucks in Mindanao at Limketkai has “created a reverberating buzzing sound” (is my grammar correct?) which may pave the way for more Starbucks in the city…. Hope this is true. Cagayanons have become coffee drinkers now….and instead of going to Cebu, they just enjoy having coffee here.

Hollywood movie to be filmed in CDO?

Mr. Ped Quiamjot, Manager of Pryce Plaza who has a regular column at a weekly local periodical has written that:

In Cagayan de Oro City, the stars will shine when Casablanca Films of Hollywood California will start rolling their cameras for the remake of “Mash” a movie about the Korean War in the 1950’s, starring my Hollywood dead ringer, George Clooney of the Ocean Eleven fame. Scheduled for filming will be end of 2011 to be released worldwide by Warner Brothers.

Here’s Mr. Quiamjot’s column LINK.

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