The year 2011 ushers in a golden mile for Liceo de Cagayan University’s internationalization of research through its online journal publications available at Data released by the Philippine Electronic Journals (PEJ) revealed that in January, the Liceo Journal of Higher Education Research was read online by 38 countries accounting for 44.18 percent for 86 countries that read the 39 journals carried by PEJ. The total Number of Page Views (NPVs) is 17,402 in which the Liceo Journal got a share of 8.48 percent (1476). The total number or full text downloads for 39 journals is 1726 while LJHER obtained a share of 18.94 percent (327). This indicates that 1 out of 5 full text downloads comes from the Liceo Journal.

The total number of articles carried by the 39 journals both recent and past issues is 1436 in which 67 or 4.67% are from the Liceo Journal. Thus, the small percentage of Liceo Journal articles (4.67%) generated 18.94 percent of the total full text downloads indicating that the global community had strong preference for scientific articles from the Liceo Journal.

The top 10 foreign countries whose researchers read the Liceo Journal are United Kingdom, USA, India, Iran, Thailand, Canada, China, Germany, Japan and Australia. The global patronage of the Liceo Journal of Higher could be attributed to: (1) ranked status(Category B by CHED) which is indicated in the journal description; (2) multidisplinary studies, which attract researchers from different disciplines; (3) quality of journal articles; (4) physical appearance and attractive layout design and; (5) international composition of Editorial Board: Singapore (Dr. Benito C. Tan); Brunei Darussalam (Dr. Fatima Shad Kaneez); Japan (Dr. Ken Kawasaki); USA (Dr. Veneracion G. Cabana); and Philippines (Dr. Teresita T. Tumapon, Dr. Victor B. Amoroso and Dr. Mary Janet Arnado).

The Liceo Journal of Higher Education Research is a flagship project of Dr. Mariano M. Lerin, CPA, a researcher who is President of Liceo de Cagayan University. The Liceo Journal has achieved a crown of achievements: Ranked Philippine Journal, Gold Prize – Quality Assurance Award for Journal Publication, Outstanding Performance of the Editorial Board of a Journal Publication, Quality Assurance Award for Peer Review System, Quality Assurance Award for Plagiarism Detection, and Global Online Journal Award.

Dr. Teresita T. Tumapon is the Editor in Chief, Mr. Jose Ma. Z. Valdehuesa is the Finance Manager while Dr. Genaro V. Japos is the Managing Editor.

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