It’s official and it’s hot from the frying pan….Ayala’s mall development at the heart of Cagayan de Oro will be named CENTRIO.

The tarpaulin was being installed this morning when I happened to pass by. Unfortunately, the large tarp is still blocked by a few vending stalls so I couldn’t take a wider shot. But the thing is that it’s gonna be “CENTRIO – Home of Fashion!” A lifestyle mall indeed.

A perspective of the mall and hotel is also shown in the tarp showing the multi-storey hotel on top of the mall and the glassy facade and a red colored portion of it. Please forgive me for the fruits – anyway, it’s a hot day so melons are just what we need. You can also notice some palm trees on top of the mall…part of the rooftop landscape maybe.

On updates of the construction, vertical construction is now ongoing in one section fronting Graphics. The tower crane is also being prepared. Lots of excavation at the hotel site is observed. Delivery of concrete piles is also in progress. Steel bars and other construction materials are also onsite already.

Browse over the photos for the updates.

Forget Gemini, it was perhaps a just “working draft” for the mall’s name which is now called CENTRIO.

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