The Student Entrepreneurship Program under the Xavier University Research and Social Outreach (XU-RSO) opened its Talipapa Bazaar at the Aggies–gymnasium grounds on February 8 as part of the celebration of the Social Consciousness Month bearing the theme “Engaging the Frontiers towards Sustainable Life for all Mindanaons.”

The talipapa is open to those who want to showcase and feature their products and services. A wide array of handcrafted materials and processed foods proudly made by Mindanaons are currently on display. The Talipapa Bazaar is the first Community Bazaar since 2008 that is open to outsiders.

This event will run from February 8-17, from 8 am to 6 pm.

For queries and additional information, interested registrants can inquire at the KKP Volunteer Center (Aggies 101) or at the student entrepreneurship program (AVR 4 SBM 2/F).


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