Dahilayan Gardens and Resort located at Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon isn’t just an ideal venue for weddings, pre-nuptial photo shoots, seminars and other functions. It now has more outdoor activities available to offer the public.

Among the new amenities are jet boating, water balling, tilapia fishing and horseback riding. The place is also a wonderful place to enjoy nature, away from the bustling city life. Jet boating is done at the man-made 6-foot deep lagoon shown below.

The jet boat is battery-operated similar to a jetski. A 10-minute ride will cost you P200.

In water balling, a large inflatable ball allows you to “walk on water” for a fee of P100 per 5 min.

If you love fishing, there are lots of tilapia at the lagoon. A fishing fee of P100 is charged per person. If you want to bring your catch home, a P60/kg tilapia fee is charged. In case you want to have it grilled by the resort staff, there is a P40/kg grilling fee.

Lastly, horseback riding is also available. The resort has a trail where a single round on horseback will cost you P100.

Not only that, the resort will soon have camping grounds, a restaurant, a picnic area, hiking trail, a view deck, and a natural pool.

Here’s a map on how to get there. By the way, this resort is just near Dahilayan Adventure Park.


I have also added this info on the OUTDOOR FUN page.

all photos and details taken from http://dahilayangardensandresort.com

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