I got these vantage point shots of Gaisano’s commercial undertaking in Cugman via email from blog contributor @edmar… From the pictures, quite a large area at the back of the commercial arcade at the frontage.

The development will have a central road from the main gate maybe similar to Kimwa Compound in Baloy. Still we don’t know what specific development Gaisano has in mind inside the property – commercial buildings or just simple warehouses? We’re pretty sure the main frontage will house commercial stalls for rent. But as shown, there are piles on the ground and one building is under construction shown below.

If I can make a suggestion, I would love to have a Rosario Strip like development inside…. a long line of architecturally designed commercial arcade of shops, diners, bars, coffee shops – all inside the property and is very safe – similar to Parkmall in Mandaue City shown below. For one, it will create another growth center and decongest the city proper including the Limketkai Area.

But I guess Gaisano has other things in mind…. and not what I wished for a Parkmall-type development. 🙁

Browse over the photos.

But who knows, there might be some changes in the plans (wishful thinking)…..Thanks to @edmar again for the photos.

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