Just a quick post on another set of new construction projects in the city…shown above is a new development along RN Pelaez Boulevard just beside Georgetown Cybermall. The old fastfood stalls were demolished (or rental not renewed?) to give way to the new and much bigger commercial establishment.

A makeshift signboard indicates the project is that of Elipe Construction … an expansion of Elipe Park perhaps?

There is currently a shortage of construction workers, particularly of carpenters in Cagayan de Oro since basically they’ve found work in various construction projects in the city. Because of this, there is an influx of new workers now from the provinces of Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon and Lanao del Norte.

Shown below is Georgetown Cybermall located just beside the new construction.

I’ll only post 2 new developments as I was in a hurry….the second project is that of the building renovation along Vamenta Boulevard shown below.

I have many more new developments on my list but my time restricts me.

These construction works are slowly changing the face of the city.

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