New developments at the Paseo del Rio revealed that officially, the high rise hotel will be called The Riviera. Along with the hotel is the multi-storey Paseo Mall and Convention Center and finally the ZCX & Exhibit Center. These three buildings were reflected on the newly-installed large tarpaulin at the site across the work area shown above.

Several weeks ago, there were articles I posted that Genesis Group is going to manage the hotel and so it is. How many storeys? Lets wait for the final press release but based on the latest perspective, it’s gonna be at least 17 floors.

The Paseo Mall is perhaps new but based on the design, the mall will occupy the lower floors with the Convention Center over it. You can see some basement area with the mall elevated.

The ZCX & Exhibit Center shown below maybe a showcase or museum of sorts, good for exhibits (of course) and galleries. It’s more like a 3-storey structure with high ceilings.

 I assume The Riviera will be along the river, Paseo Mall is next to the hotel and finall ZCX and Exhibit Center will be along Biasong Road. Vertical construction is now on-going and I will post them sooner. For this time, just marvel at the latest development for Paseo del Rio, now a PEZA Zone.

This project will definitely be a new growth area in this section of the city.

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