Cagayan de Oro’s 19-year old light welterweight Jayson Pagara connected with a perfectly timed left hook to the jaw to score a stunning first
round knockout of highly-rated Indonesian Billy Sumba. The time was 2:53. The Indon fighter was knocked out cold and ringsiders couldn’t understand why referee Tony Pesons decided to count to ten when it was obvious that Sumba who hit the back of his head as he crashed to the canvas needed medical help immediately.

As Sumba lay motionless on the canvas GAB doctors Unabia and Rene Bonsubre jumped into the ring along with medics who gave the stricken fighter oxygen. He recovered after a few minutes and was given polite applause as he left the ring.

Pagara’s fight was the main supporting bout under the rematch between featherweight Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista and Alejandro “Zorrito” Barrera at at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Hotel and Casino on Saturday night. Bautista scored a smashing 3rd round knockout of Barrera.

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