Seventy-five (75) graduating elementary pupils from region 10 passed the qualifying examination of the Philippine Science High School. They are among the 1,091 successful examinees who hurdled the qualifying scholarship examination given last November 7, 2009. About 20,000 pupils all over the country applied for the scholarship.

Below is the complete list:

  1. ABANES, Abbierose P;
  2. ABELLANOSA, Maria Conchita Kyla D;
  3. ALDAVE, Hannah Lee S;
  4. ARUMPAC, Mohammad Salic R;
  5. BADILLA, Ian Oliver I;
  6. BARCOS, Christian Maude C;
  7. BAROMAN, Noelle Grace U;
  8. BATERNA, Andrei C;
  9. BEBELONE, John Elmar R;
  10. BELETA, Christine jane P;
  11. CABASAG, Mikho Angelo A;
  12. CABANOG, Kent Justine E;
  13. CABELLO, Philliney T;
  14. CAGANG, Michael Lizter P;
  15. CAPARAZ, Ramor Clard M;
  16. CHAN, Michael Lizter P;
  17. CO, Dana Clarise L;
  18. DAEL, Celine Mae R;
  19. DATAN, Christina Vic M;
  20. DE JESUS, Garbrielluis M;
  21. DESCALLAR, Elyzza June L;
  22. DONASCO, Mareal Jan M;
  23. DUCAO, Mel Angel R;
  24. ENCONG, Daniel C;
  25. ESCOBIDO, Faye A;
  26. FABELLO, Cheslyn Marie S;
  27. FERNAN, Charles Louie C;
  28. FERNANDEZ, Ann Ross L;
  29. FIGURA, Ela Marie D;
  30. FOSGATE, Giles Chiandave O;
  31. GASATAYA, Brian Carlo D;
  32. GO-ACO, Hillary Anne E;
  33. GORDIEL, Kai Rainer U;
  34. GREPALDEO, Rae Gabrielle S;
  35. HABAJAB, Allen Kim M;
  36. HAMOY, Mikha C;
  37. HERUELA, Alyssa nyn L;
  38. INFANTE, Lance Cedric R;
  39. JUMAWID, Joshua Jan D;
  40. KIRAM, Aynanie S;
  41. LIBOT, Guia marlon M;
  42. LIM LO SUY, Bryan A;
  43. LUMAYAGA, Edd-Rustom R;
  44. MAGSAYO, Lawrence Jay G;
  45. MALALIS, Royce Val C;
  46. MANGINDO, Core Leonne S;
  47. MERCADO, Frances Dianne G;
  48. MERCADO, Joaquin Santiago P;
  49. MOLO, Hazel Grace G;
  50. NAGATALON, Iona G;
  51. OCAYA, Isabelle Danielle A; P
  52. ACARAT, Joemar L;
  53. PAHUYO, Carlo Edward F;
  54. PAU-TIN, Nur Asia P;
  55. PONCE, Keith Lorenz D;
  56. PRINCIPE, Rene Jr. L;
  57. REQUINO, Franchette Pearl M;
  58. RIZADA, John Francis G;
  59. ROJO, Kenneth Roy M;
  60. ROXAS, Erika Grace C;
  61. ROZAL DJ O;
  62. SALVADOR, Adriana Marie T;
  63. SEBASTIAN, Thomas Arsenio P;
  64. SIA, Sean Benedict T;
  65. SORIANO, Cassandra Isabel A;
  66. TAN, Lycca Joie D;
  67. TOMOLIN, Jewel T;
  68. VALDERRAMA, Reina Teresa B;
  69. VALENZUELA, Garbriel B;
  70. VALLEJOS, Mikha Ella Troy O;
  71. VEGA, Aaron C Cris P;
  72. YABUT, Roy Christian T;
  73. YABUT, Roy Christopher T;
  74. YAP, Shadrach Josef A;
  75. ZERNA, Jomer A.

The above qualifiers are requested to IMMEDIATELY contact the Registrar or the Campus Director of the PSHS Campus where they are qualified to enroll in, or visit the following websites: or, for more information on early enrolment.

The Philippine Science High School (PSHS) is the premiere science high school under the umbrella of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). It offers an education that is humanistic in spirit, global in perspective, and patriotic in orientation. It is based on a curriculum that emphasizes science and mathematics and the development of well-rounded individuals.

The PSHS prepares its students for careers in science and technology and contributes to nation building by helping the country attain a critical mass of professionals and leaders in science and technology.

For inquiries, please visit the DOST regional office at J.V. Serina St., Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City or the nearest Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC) in your area or call the landline phone, (088) 858-67-90. # (Tess Superioridad Baluyos,

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