A memorandum of agreement was signed between Xavier University Center for Language (XUCL), Japan Exchange Technology Foundation Inc. (JETFI) and Kida Management Association (KMA) at the Xavier University Boardroom on Wednesday, January 19, 2011.

The said agreement binds the three parties to a program that aims to give an opportunity for Japanese professionals to develop and improve their communication skills in the English language. The signatories of the documents are XU President Fr. Ramon Villarin, SJ, Mr. Kida Hiroshi of the KMA, and Mrs. Yuakari Hayashi, JETFI President. The event was witnessed by the XU Academic Vice-president Dr. Lina Kwong and facilitated by Mrs. Elizabeth Enerio, director of XUCL.

An 8-week and a 16-week course are offered in the program. Both programs cover five objectives: (1) communicative skills needed in situations where English is used, (2) effective communication skills needed in the workplace where English is used as medium, (3) training in the use of correct, idiomatic expression, (4) writing effective business and technical correspondence, and (5) improving English proficiency. “[If we] cannot speak English, [we] cannot participate in meetings, [thus] no promotion.” Mr. Kida Hiroshi said when asked why the agreement was important for the Japanese especially for the young professionals. “Xavier is better for the Japanese. Even if they do not know the Philippines, they know Xavier.” Mr. Hiroshi further said pronouncing the name of the school with a bit of difficulty.

Although conducted in a formal setting, the affair itself was informal. The atmosphere was like that of a bunch of people who just met each other and decided that they wanted to get to know each other better. Topics of their conversation were diverse and covered restaurants, common friends, and places the attendees have been to, aside from discussing the project itself and the school where the program will be implemented.

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