The Pueblo de Oro Township is emerging as the condominium hub of Cagayan de Oro (CdeO) with the presence of four condominiums in its vicinity.

Hotel Koresco has two condominium buildings in its complex in the Pueblo Golf Estates, catering mainly to their Korean golfer guests. PODC has developed The Courtyards, the city’s first horizontal condominium. Trade Street in the Pueblo Business Park is humming with the construction of two more condominiums.

ItalPinas is ready to go full blast with the construction of their ten-storey Primavera Residences, an eco-friendly building which will be the first green building in Cagayan de Oro. Meanwhile, Johndorf Ventures Corp.’s four-storey Granvia Square condominium is steadily taking shape next to Concentrix.

The condominium boom in Pueblo de Oro only affirms Uptown CdeO’s position as Cagayan de Oro’s new center for growth and development.

article from The Pueblo Post

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