THE past 20 years in Stephanie Mae Sol‘s life has been generously showered with blessings and now that she is turning 21, she wants to be able to give back more to others. If in the past three years, she has been organizing birthday fashion shows to push forward her advocacies, now she wants to take it further by translating her advocacies into deeper actions.

In line with her New Year’s resolution to concretize her ideals in project form, she aims to organize at least four events that will push her advocacy on education. Reminiscing the year that she won Miss Teen Philippines in 2004, she never forgot the question and answer portion where she was asked, ” If you had P100 million to spend for a project for the youth, what will it be and why?” she answered, ” I will build reading centers in my barangay until I will be able to put in every part of the country because I believe in the power of education. Education produces knowledge, values, skills and talent to help us grow and prosper. Education is also essential for economic growth and poverty reduction.”
Steph may not have P100 million to build the reading centers now but with the passion that she wants to achieve her dreams of 100-percent schooled Filipinos, she is willing to give whatever she can to witness and be a part of making this dream come true.

Thus, her first big step in turning this dream into a reality is organizing a school supply drive and feeding program entitled One Steph At A Time. It is both a fund raising activity and a reducing-reusing-recycling program for the benefit of the students at Pagalungan Elementary School in Lumbia. The goal of the program is to collect the old semi-used and unused school supplies like notebooks, papers and pens to be repacked and given to 285 students at Pagalungan on January 24. On the same day, Steph wants to share with these students a vitamin-rich lunch. In this light, Steph would like to be a partner in helping realize the dreams of our Filipino youth by sharing any amount of cash or in kind (school supplies). Let’s make 2011 explosive with blessings! *

from Gold Star Daily

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