Latest update on the 3rd Bridge Access Road (Igpit-Bayabas Section) shows that the Iponan bridge component has been completed. As shown in the pictures, workers are seen laying out preparations for the bridge approach on the Bulua side.

Below are more photos of the 3rd Iponan Bridge.

On the other hand, there was no activity yet at the Barra, Opol approach of the bridge. You can see the edge of the bridge below.

Below are photos on the Bulua approach of the bridge where you can see work in progress.

A 2-lane concrete road has been completed connecting to the Bulua approach as shown below. This highway will have 4 lanes but as usual, DPWH gives out funds for just the 2 lanes.

From the bridge approach, this road leads to the Bulua Bus Terminal Complex as shown below. Some portions of the road upon approaching Montecarlo Fish Landing are still being cemented.

Photo below shows the junction of the new highway and Bulua Barangay Road. If you turn left or northward, this road will take you the famous stoneware pottery. Along the side is the billboard which states the name of the contractor and the target date of completion which is March 2011. However, history states that the deadline isn’t always followed because the contractor can still hold the construction if the DPWH can’t remit their billings. This project costs Php 334 million more or less.

Now going over to the Bulua Terminal side, the building below at the Montecarlo Fish Landing Complex has been vacated already and could be demolished anytime soon.

Below is the north side of the Bulua Terminal Complex which will connect to the road under construction. Going further east is the newly concreted road leading to Barangay Bayabas.

Photos below show the still under construction section at Barangay Bayabas. Work was concentrated on the main drainage along the highway.

Meanwhile, this is the intersection at the National Highway in Igpit, Opol. The large billboard will have to be removed. Again, 2 lanes have been concreted already.

Photos below show the road from Barra and the approach to the bridge. A long section have already been cemented. Still, more work is to be done. The end point of this is the large billboard along the highway posted above.

I could see future development on the roadside properties once this new highway will be operational.

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