Here are some updates of previously posted projects. Shown above is D’Morvie Suites Lapasan which is already operating but there still seems some work being done on the sides and on the roof.

The one on the side could be the elevator shaft.

Next is the commercial building just across D’Morvie Suites Lapasan shown below. Previous update was last October 22, 2010. They have finished the 3rd floor. I just don’t know if there will be another floor but the steel bars are still going up.

Meanwhile, work on the new Greenwich branch at Divisoria has also commenced. As the tarp states, “DISCOVER THE NEW GREENWICH, DISCOVER FRIENDSHIP, DISCOVER DELICIOUS”… this seems to be the new tag-line for the re-packaged Greenwich. I first posted this project last August 18, 2010.

Below is the on-going construction along Gusa Highway just before Bigaan Bridge. Last update was July 3, 2010. Woe to those who made the vandals.

The photo below was taken from Seminary Hills. It shows the 3-storey commercial building at the back of Juan Fuel along JR Borja Extension almost complete. The previous photo update was August 10, 2010.

Next is some progress on the rumored Willshire Inn branch along Mortola Street at the back of Ororama Supercenter. Still no press release whatsoever but there were workers onsite. My previous update on this was more than a year ago on August 14, 2009. In fact it was the first “Other construction updates” which has now reached its 28th update including this post. Some changes since 2009 include the roof and partition walls.

Lastly, the CLIMBS Building along Bulua Highway is almost finished. In fact, it already has a tenant operating, Cebu City Community Cooperative. My previous update was last August 10, 2010.

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