Another set of new projects again for the first offering for the year. Shown above is the vertical expansion of FICCO Bldg. along Tiano Bros. St at the back of Sabal Hospital.

As shown below, they’re constructing an additional floor to cater to demand for more office commercial space.

Shown below is a new development near the Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge intersection which looks like a container yard. The contractor has elevated the site and has completed the concrete flooring. They’re now working on the frontage.

Below is a new 3-storey commercial building along RN Pelaez Blvd in Kauswagan near the Bonbon-Bayabas junction. It’s another design by Heinrich Ty.

Another Jetti Refilling Station is being constructed in Puerto shown below. The site is formerly an LTO-accredited smoke-belching facility.

Below is the near completed Chapel of the Precious Blood of Jesus in Puerto located just beside the new Jetti Station shown above. Both new developments are just a few meters away from Puerto Sabal Hospital.

I couldn’t post them all but a lot new constructions are still going on at the turn of the year.

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