Much has been said about the West, and the culture, perhaps the famous cuisines, of the East, but just a few know about the stories from the Orient particularly, the Philippines. When kids are asked of Superman, Batman and other chauvinist heroes, it is always easy to capture the spectacle from the kids’ detailed chronicle of their champions’ action moments. However, only a handful of gradeschoolers (and even adults) can recount if not remember Bi-ag Ni Lam-ang.

As 2011 opens, the Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts would like to restore the ruins of the Philippine art and culture through Panday Kultura – Culture and Arts Awareness and Formation Program, a lecture-forum on Filipino Art and Culture. The event, which will be graced by no less than Mr. Jaime “Bong” Antonio of the United Nations Habitat and the Committee on Cultural Education of NCAA, is set to take place on

January 14, 2011, 1:30 to 5:00 pm at the Xavier University Little Theater. 

The forum aims at deepening the knowledge not only of the students but also of the teachers as well. With this, educators can effectively teach the Filipino Heritage, Cultural Understanding and Art Appreciation to their students. Aside from these benefits, the lecture will not only fuel the participants’ minds but will also fill them with refreshments which are offered for free (as they say, the best way to learn is with a full stomach).

Perhaps, it’s time that Panday (a famous Filipino superhero) takes back the limelight that has been snatched from the very eyes of the Filipinos.

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