Fems Lodging House, one of the more popular budget accommodations in Cagayan de Oro many years ago, will be re-opening soon after several months of major reconstruction and renovation. This time, the new name will be Amarea Travel Lodge as shown above.

Photos shown below were taken just last week and the name wasn’t installed yet. Perhaps, it was installed over the weekend. The new design follows the metal cladding trend. I just hope they have air-conditioned rooms. The former lodging facility did not have air-conditioned rooms but only rooms provided with ceiling fans.

Sooner, the “Amarea” name might just be as popular as among the many new accommodation facilities which have sprouted in the city over the last few years. Owing to the increase in tourist arrivals, the hotel construction industry in the city is booming. But in spite of this, the city still needs more of these to fully accommodate all visitors.

In case you’re not familiar with the former Fems, it is located right at the back of Maxandrea Hotel and across Wilshire Inn along President Aguinaldo Street.

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