Pedicabs or locally named “trisikads” are now banned from entering the premises of Agora market  or what is now Market City.

This is part of the Road and Traffic Administration (RTA) scheme to decongest traffic in the area. “Trisikad” operators are provided designated areas where they can pick up passengers without hampering traffic flow.

However, there is no total ban of ‘trisikads’ as this is the livelihood of trisikad operators. The RTA is implementing the new scheme to resolve the traffic problem in the city.

Accordingly, the same plan is going to be implemented in Cogon market so that traffic flows in these areas could be controlled.

I just hope the RTA could sustain this….although we recognize the livelihood of these operators, they should be put in order as most of these “sikad drivers” do not follow simple traffic rules such as “ONE WAY” and/or “NO ENTRY”. More so, all if not most don’t have insurance so if you happen to bump or scratched by one, you just have to scratch your head too….

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