The Oil Palm business of A Brown Co., Inc. is being handled by its wholly-owned subsidiary – A Brown Energy and Resources Development, Inc. (ABERDI).  Its Oil Palm Nursery at Xavier Estates in  Cagayan de Oro City has increased from an initial 9 hectares (from company website) to 30 hectares now as stated in local news reports. 

ABERDI maintains a much larger palm nursery in Kalabugao, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon with a total area of nearly 600 has. Nursery period is 9-12 months.

ABERDI has two (2) divisions, the plantation and the mill. The oil palm plantation is located in Dalirig, Kalabugao in Manolo Fortich and one Impasug-ong, all of which are located in the Bukidnon Province of  Mindanao. The Dalirig plantation started in October 2002, for Impasug-ong – in year 2004 and for Kalabugao – in year 2006.  Total area planted are as follows: Dalirig = 27.2 has., Kalabugao = 565.66 has. and Impasug-ong = 3.60 has.  Of this area, 58 hectares are flowering.  Harvesting started in June 2005 for Dalirig and on June 2007 in Impasug-ong.

The oil palm specie being planted is Tenera (Dura x Pesifera) whose origin is from South Africa.  The area elevation (above sea level) for each location are as follows:  Dalirig = 600 mtrs., Kalabugao = 800 mtrs. and Impasug-ong = 600 mtrs.

On the other hand, the palm oil mill began constructing in March 2006.  It has a feed capacity of 1.5 tons/hr. while its output of crude palm oil (cpo) is 6 tons per day for a  20 hour operation.  The palm oil extraction process is called hydraulic extraction. The oil extraction ratio of crude palm oil range from 15% to 20% while Palm Kernel recovery ranges  from 3% to 5% respectively. Other products are sludge  oil, fiber and shell empty bunches sludge as non-food uses.

According to news reports, ABERDI is targeting to plant around 20,000 hectares of palm trees in Misamis Oriental.

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