Here are some latest new construction projects in the city. Shown above is a 2-storey commercial building just beside Corpus Christi School in Macasandig. Work is fast which began sometime 2 months  ago. It is conveniently located that it will be a very viable location for a “fastfood” outlet, considering the market which is Corpus Christi and Oro Christian Grace Schools, both with affordable clients.

As seen in more photos below, work is now on the second floor. In due time, I expect the concrete wall facing the road will be removed soon.

Next is the construction at the back of Will’s Place. Some work going on at the back of Jacutin Building with steel bars protruding. Expansion perhaps?

Another new project is the expansion of Blessed Mother College along Tiano Bros. Street. Actually, construction has been going on for the entire year with one building at a time owing perhaps to increased enrollment.

This one below is located at the corner lot along Corrales Avenue and CM Recto Avenue. The property belongs to the Floirendo group whose bigger lot across is currently being developed by Ayala Land. A 2-storey steel framed structure stands at the site.


Just beside the Floirendo lot is one of the ongoing expansion projects of Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) but it will be first time for me to post this. Construction of this building shown below has been on-and-off but just recently, they’re now painting the exteriors. I think this will be finally completed.

Another new construction is this commercial building below along Mabini Street just across Executive Pension.

Next is the facelift and renovation of the former Mic and Mug KTV Bar. Looks like CDO’s adult nightlife is alive.

Lastly, here some of new constructions which I failed to take some pictures. Maybe you can notice them.

  1. new 3-storey building at the former Isabella Grill site just beside Casa Crystalla along Pabayo Street (cannot be seen along the road as the construction is in the interior);
  2. a portion of Pit Stop along Corrales Avenue (beside Consuelo’s) is also under construction – good site for a coffee shop;
  3. renovation of a 3-storey commercial building along Vamenta Blvd. (beside River View Inn);
  4. JR Borja Extension has lots of new small business enterprises sprouting… in the next few years, I believe there will be little spaces left for new establishments;
  5. new warehouse and container yard along Julio Pacana Street near Puntod-Kauswagan intersection;
  6. another 3-storey commercial building along RN Pelaez Blvd. in Kauswagan near Bonbon-Bayabas intersection;
  7. a large warehouse fronting no. 5 above just across the street;
  8. a new chapel along Bugo Highway (just near Puerto Hospital) is nearing completion;

Again, these are projects which I have noticed or along my daily routine…they don’t include those which I don’t often pass.

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