Just over the weekend this blog passed the 500,000-hit mark — meaning, half a million page views for a blog which began on April 2009. Thanks to @bang for the short “blogging course” 😆

I also welcomed @luvcdo for posting the 2,410th comment on 2010/12/27 at 3:56 pm | In reply to anton, shown below.

Lol! basin wa paka ka adto og CDO? or you’re just making yourself blind w/ the well-known establishments in CDO which you can’t find in other cities in Mindanao. CDO has even more or the same number of Jollibee stores than Davao( LARGEST CITY).haha..and more to open this 2011. New ra pd diay sa Davao ang Yellow Cab Pizza coz my friends wanted me to try but i told them cge nku kakaon ana sa CDO!haha..

Busiest day so far was on December 6, 2010 with 3,671 views.

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