THE Philippine National Police (PNP)-Northern Mindanao noted a notable decrease in crime volume by about 60 percent during the third quarter of 2010 compared to last year.

According to a consolidated report of the PNP, from 11,131 cases last year, the number of crimes went down to only 4,460 cases this year.

Almost all crime categories registered a decrease in volume except for carnapping cases, which soared high by 8.43 percent, from 166 to 180 cases during the period.

Murder cases also went up by 21.60 percent, or from 125 to 152 cases during the period.

The region’s crime solution efficiency rate also went up by 47.69 percent as a result of the deployment of police officers in urban areas throughout the region.

Based on the report, crimes are considered solved if filed before any courts, and if the offender has been identified, taken into custody, or has been arrested. This is based on a new system adopted by the PNP since the second quarter of 2009.

The PNP also claimed that the average monthly crime rate also registered a negative output by over 50 percent to only 35.41 percent.

For urban areas, Cagayan de Oro registered the most number of crimes with 1,261 cases during the period. The figure, however, is lower by 67.43 percent compared to last year’s 2,870 cases.

Of the total number of crimes for the third quarter this year, around 92 cases are considered solved.

Bukidnon also posted a lower crime volume during the period, with only 1,093 cases from 2,065 in the previous year, followed by Misamis Oriental with 741 cases in 2010 from 2,511 in the same period last year.

Camiguin province posted the lowest crime rate for the past few quarters this year and in 2009.

article by Loui S. Maliza of SSC

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