FOR easy access of dealers, distributors and buyers in ordering and buying SLERS products in bulk and in volume; SLERS Industries, Inc. makers of the famous, delicious and authentic JAMON CAGAYAN DE ORO has recently opened their Factory Outlet. It is conveniently located along the Highway of Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City.

The outlet has a complete array of SLERS Frozen Products from Tocino, Longganisa, Sweet Ham Loof, Fresh Native Tocino, Pork Chorizo, Pork BBQ, Chicken-Ham Sliced and Country Bacon. HAM PRODUCTS like SLERS Jamon Cagayan de Oro ranging from Small, Medium and Large Sizes, Country Style Ham, Picnic Ham, Pearshaped Ham, Sweet Ham and Beef Pastrami.

PICA PICA Products like their Chicharon N’ Bag, in their regular, small, big sizes to choose from and their Special Big Chicharon Pack. Banana Chips, Toasted Peanuts, Native Sukang Tuba and Spicy Sukang Tuba.

In an interview, Ms. Mercedes Pelaez-Mejia, the innovative and dynamic business entrepreneur of the city and SLERS Managing Director, told Businessweek Mindanao that the presence of their new Factory Outlet along the main highway thoroughfare of the city is part of her contribution to the City’s Clustering of Industries.

And also to become an active partner in promoting the tourism food industry of the region and of the city, to collaborate and work hand in hand with the active players of the industry and take part of the Tourism Biodiversity

Outlook of industries in putting Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao as one of the top tourism destinations in the country today in terms of gourmet food destinations, processed world class meat destinations, eco-tourism adventure destinations, to include the hotels, resorts and restaurants, and tourists destinations’ amenities.

Through collaborative efforts of the important players of the industry, she further stressed that we can make tour packages making the City as an important destination for all local and foreign tourists to visit Cagayan de Oro-City in Bloom, in Blossom and in Boom and the whole of Northern Mindanao tourists destination as well.

article by Joe Palabao of BWM

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