TRANS-ASIA Shipping Lines Inc. will deploy its latest addition to the fleet, the MV Trans-Asia 5, in Cebu to Cagayan de Oro link. MV Trans-Asia 5 is the largest and the fastest newly acquired vessel of the company. With its cruising speed of 16 knots, sailing Cebu to Cagayan waters will be at a mere nine hours only. MV Trans- Asia 5 will leave Cebu Port at 8 p.m. and will arrive in Cagayan before 5 a.m. Its passenger accommodation and amenities on board are perfectly designed and conceptualized to deliver the promise of a new level of comfort and pleasure of travel.

Set to serve Cebu and Cagayan de Oro, this magnificent passenger and cargo vessel has a twin cargo deck and can accommodate a total of 724 passengers. This two-stroke single low speed engine 9600 horsepower vessel is equipped with computerized monitoring system that can distinguish main and auxiliary engines and its accessories abnormalities accurately through pneumatic, electronic sensor system and safety alarm warning device.

Spacious and roomy are apt descriptions that come across your mind upon boarding MV Trans-Asia 5. Second class non-aircon accommodation and tourist sections have been designed with the passenger’s ultimate comfort in mind. MV Trans-Asia 5 offers above industry standard bunk size of 3 x 31 x 78 inches for more body space and leg room. Tourist accommodations are designed with Trans-Asia’s trade mark cabin type tourist section with individual curtain covers as well as individual reading lamps, hand rails and flat screen TV’s per section.

Cabin rooms have been designed with families and friends in mind. Each cabin rooms sport single bed bunks with own toilet and bath and equipped with flat TVs while presidential suites come with their very own 32 inch LCD TV and DVD player coupled with an extensive library of DVD movies for complete viewing pleasure. A private toilet and shower is equipped with heaters for a comfortable bath. For any concerns, you can call from your room’s intercom directly to the duty Hotel Officer.

MV Trans-Asia 5 is all about space, comfort and pleasure. For those on the go who would like to relax and feel energized, available is the in-house spa service by Tesda-trained masseuse from Cool Waters offering manicure, pedicure, hair spa, reflexology and whole body massage with prices at par salons.

The convenience store Starsy Shoppe offers light snacks and drinks as well as select pasalubong foodies. For a heartier treat, Floating Grill offers freshly grilled chicken and pork barbecue.

For those who love karaoke and want to sing the night away, there’s the spacious coin operated karaoke booths perfect to cap the night.

“This vessel is made entirely different from the rest of our fleet. This is very spacious and comfortable. Its viewing deck is really great, providing a wide space for relaxation and comfort. With this vessel, I am very confident our passengers will be delighted with their travel experience to Cagayan de Oro City,” said Arthur Kenneth L. Sy, president and chief executive officer of Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Inc.

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines has been serving the riding public for more than 36 years.

Since the company was organized by its founder, the late Julian L. Sy, Sr., in 1974, it has never stopped in its quest to improve its service in transporting passengers and cargoes from the port of Cebu to various ports in Visayas and Mindanao. (PR)

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