After months of construction, Fiesta Indoor Fishing Restaurant located along Tiano Bros. and Mabini Streets is now open.

The first of its kind in Cagayan de Oro is owned by Korean businessman Seo Ju Won and wife Michelle who hails from Surigao City. The restaurant offers authentic Korean seafood cuisine as well as indoor fishing adventure which comes with a prize that includes a variety of home appliances and devices ranging from a refrigerator, a washing machine, cell phone, digital camera, among others.

The prize is given to a customer who can catch fish with tags inside the fishing pool. Fishers are provided with free fishing sticks, earthworm baits and free refreshing drinks. Caught fish are either thrown back into the pool or cooked for a price.

The restaurant’s dining tables has built-in designed grills for customers to grill their choice cuts of fish, pork and exotic eel, which is quite similar to Golden Aji-rang.

More Koreans are now loving and settling in the city. Proofs are their business ventures such as Hotel Koresco, Golden Ajirang, Silver Rain and a lot more shops in Cogon, among others.

So if you enjoy or just wanna try fishing either for fun or food, visit the place.

with article and photos from BWM

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