THE woman who is pregnant with the first quadruplet case in Mindanao is set to give birth anytime today, Saturday, via caesarian section at the Capitol University Medical Center (CUMC).

Emelyn Deoduco, 25, is now under the care of CUMC staff and attending physicians.

Dr. Elena Rañises, Deoduco’s attending OB-gynecologist, said they are doing close monitoring of her condition as well as her four babies.

Rañises said the mother will give birth through caesarian section to ensure her and children’s safety.

“As of the moment, Deoduco is under complete bed rest. Her babies, all male, are normal and are weighing one kilo each,” Rañises said.

Kendrick D. Cañares, of CUMC, said all the doctors and staff who will be attending Deoduco are already prepared.

He said the hospital is giving Deoduco a big discount considering that she is also an employee of Capitol University.

The patient’s hospital bill would reportedly reach P1.2 million.

Aside from the discount, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office will reportedly provide P700,000 for the medicines, laboratory and other equipment needed in post delivery.

Cañares said they have also distributed solicitation letters asking for support, citing the patient cannot pay the hospital bill alone.

Deoduco’s husband has just landed a job as seaman.

“The rest of the hospital staff are hoping for Deoduco’s safe delivery,” Cañares said. (NJM)

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