Information technology school Informatics Philippines will be transforming its Cagayan de Oro center into a full-fledged IT college

Informatics chief executive Leo Riingen was quoted that instead of adding more centers or campuses to its nationwide network of 38, the academic institution planned to just convert its centers in Cagayan de Oro as well as in Baguio and Cebu into full-fledged colleges. This is Informatics’ effort to make quality and affordable IT education more accessible, especially to people in the provinces.

Informatics began as a Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) learning center. With the planned conversion, there will be upgrading of all computers and curriculum.

Informatics had three new courses that were awaiting the approval of the Tesda: wireless security, film and video editing and production, and computer forensics and investigation.

Riingen related that these new courses would equip students with the right skills that were now being sought by banks, government agencies, the police and the entertainment industry.

In IT education, very much in demand now areJava, Oracle and Net courses in the programming track; Adobe, web design and development, and animation in the graphics and digital arts track; and various networking tools and programs.

Game development, situated somewhere between programming and digital arts, isalso on the rise. Informatics would likewise be adding Mac programs to its course offerings, including Final Cut Pro and Garage Band.

As a learning institution, Informatics aimed to provided basic IT training to as many people as possible, and provide education to those wanting to pursue careers in the IT industry, either fresh out of high school or after another degree.

with article from Phil. Daily Inquirer

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