The transacting public could expect next year a faster and better business permit registration and renewal system with the establishment of a foreign-assisted one-stop-shop processing center at City Hall.

This developed after 31 technical personnel from the City Treasurer’s Office, City Health Office, City Fire Station, City Building Office and the City Planning and Development Office recently completed a three-day training-workshop dubbed as “Capability Building on Streamlining Business Permitting of Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS)”. The training-workshop is a capability building component of the Local Implementation of National Competitiveness for Economic Growth Project (LINC-EG), which is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Promote CdeO Foundation and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).   

LINC-EG basically aims to improve and simplify the business permitting system of the city government of Cagayan de Oro as it hopes to boost the revenue generation capacity of local government units.              

With the participants’ technical expertise in manning the operation of the computer-based Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS) at City Hall, the new and updated business permitting system will be put to test during the annual renewal period in January next year.           

To ensure fast and hassle-free processing, clients must submit first their documents to the customer service relations officers for verification and assessment before entering the one-stop shop.           

The processing time inside the air-conditioned center could only take 30 minutes more or less, with the duly-approved and printed business permit already on hand to the applicant at the same time, it was learned. It can be recalled that city, LINC-EG, Promote CdeO and DTI top officials formally inaugurated the newly-constructed Cagayan de Oro Business One-Stop Shop in June this year. (City Information Office)

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