TWO lawmakers citing the city’s status as the gateway to the island of Mindanao and the focal point of domestic and foreign trade, have passed a legislative measure seeking to establish a special economic zone in Barangay Balubal.

Rep. Rufus Rodriguez (2nd district) said House Bill 1393 hopes to turn Barangay Balubal into an economic zone, since the area is one of the fast-growing barangays in Cagayan de Oro.

“Its location is an ideal site for industrial, commercial and recreational centers with a typhoon-free climate,” said Rodriguez, who co-authored the bill with his brother Representative Maximo Rodriguez of Abante Mindanao (AbaMin).

He added that the barangay can also serve as a major trade entry and exit point, considering the numerous seaports in its neighboring barangays.

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Rodriguez further pointed out the barangay’s peace and order condition, which is favorable for good infrastructures and utilities “conducive to sustainable growth and development”.

For his part, Representative Maximo Rodriguez believes that the establishment of a special economic zone in Barangay Balubal will improve the economic condition of the city and the nearby provinces.

The two congressmen said residents in the area and the nearby provinces will be assured of local employment opportunities that will speed up economic growth.

Cagayan de Oro is known as the export outlet of the vast agricultural products in Mindanao because of its rich agricultural and forest lands, mineral resources and tourist spots.

article by Annabelle L. Ricalde of SSC

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