THE Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) will hatch up a plan in the coming months on how to contain vehicular flow once an Ayala shopping mall opens occupying a whole block along CM Recto Avenue. This is based on an article published in a local daily.

In the said article, accordingly RTA overseer Supt. Antonio Montalba will be coordinating with all those affected with the traffic flow which includes the management of the Ayala shopping mall, Gaisano City Mall, and the management of other businesses located in the area such as Graphics All-in Communications. Members of the newly created civic group called Cagayan de Oro Campaigners for Road Courtesy and Discipline are also expected to be included in the planning stage in overhauling traffic flow in the area.

They might as well also include the management of Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) and Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD), both with expected high number of motorists/visitors which often park along the Floirendo property perimeter.

As shown below, the small property at the top left corner (across Corrales Avenue) is also that of Floirendo’s (I think). Perhaps they should also consider if a “drive-thru” establishment is being planned there.

Meanwhile, the sidewalk vendors along CM Recto and V. Roa Street have been demolished by RTA more than a week ago.

with article by Mark Francisco of GSD

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