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CAGAYAN de Oro City Council is mulling to put up separate “rings” for wire connections within the city to solve the sore view of spaghetti and sagging wires along the streets.

The plan came out after Councilor President Elipe proposed during the City Council’s session Wednesday a creation of a resolution that would put up a “system of wirings” in the city.

Elipe said spaghetti and sagging wires openly displayed in the streets are a “sore” to the eyes.

He suggested organizing the electric, cable, telephone and other wires from utilities into separate rings, and placed these in one post for proper identification and to prevent disorientation.

Elipe said there should be a unified post with the most elevated wires to be prioritized for electric, next for cable wires and the last for the telephone company.

“All the wires will pass through a certain ring. Anything that goes outside the ring will be cut off. As we recall, many tourists complained the presence of spaghetti wires hanging in the streets, saying that this gives a bad view of the city,” he said.

To save on expenses, Elipe said he had already talked with the Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company (Cepalco), which agreed to provide the post where the “rings” would be placed.

He said that in turn, Cepalco would collect payment from the different companies, while the City Government will collect the necessary taxes from Cepalco.

During the session, all city councilors expressed eagerness to pass an ordinance related to Elipe’s proposal, citing the problem on spaghetti and sagging wires need to be resolved.

Councilor Ramon Tabor said Cagayan de Oro City has grown by leaps and bounds and needs to be organized, especially on “wirings”.

Tabor suggested that before a regulation would be implemented, an inventory of posts must first be done identifying different posts like traffic post, street lamp post and electric posts.

He said all wooden posts must also be uprooted since concrete posts are already available, courtesy of Cepalco.

Councilor Adrian Barba also suggested regulating the putting up of wires by the different companies.

“We should have some sort of control in the putting of wires and not just allow the companies to go directly to their post and put up additional wires for their clients without our consent,” Barba said.

Elipe said they are set to discuss the proposal to stakeholders and players soon.

The recommendation of Elipe was referred to the City Council committee on public utility for review.

article by Nicole J. Managbanag of SSC

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