HOMEGROWN short indies director Cloyd Winstanley proudly presents his fourth offering, Use Somebody. Utilizing Kings of Leon’s runaway hit as backdrop, Use Somebody is a huge departure from Winstanley’s critically-acclaimed drama, 2003’s City of Samaritans.

According to Winstanley, Use Somebody is a romantic comedy set in Cagayan de Oro which every average teenager in the suburbia could relate to. With a catchy poster in boldly colored texts and the picture of the star who might make Emma Stone run for her money, Use Somebody is generating buzz this early.

Winstanley said that even though he failed to make it to Davao City’s 6th Mindanao Film Festival deadline, the filmfest organizers might just be impressed with his 20-minute film that they’d include it as an entry. Still, Winstanley is not dropping his guard down. Winstanley’s friends both here and abroad have already asked permission from the erstwhile local soap star that the movie be shown in their respective communities of homesick Filipinos to get a taste of what life is back here.

Winstanley’s overseas friends live as diverse as Dubai and Canada. Friends from as near as the cities of Iligan and Valencia are also signifying their intention to screen the movie starring Tristan Capulong (Jerome) and Mary Koren Witting (Leslie). Locally, Winstanley said he would screen his movie to groups who are interested and looking forward to watch it.

Although meager in budget, the P5,000-digital film does have its own moral lessons to evangelize – those of acceptance and anti-gender discrimination. This, in spite of the movie’s inherent comedic nature. It’s no surprise then that Winstanley also acts as the cinematographer and editor of the film and Capulong, Witting and the rest of the cast are compelled to put on their makeup themselves during shooting.

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article by Mark Francisco of GSD

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