Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria, known as the “Home of the Biggest Pizza in the Philippines”, has opened its first branch in Cagayan de Oro City along Corrales Avenue corner Archbishop Hayes Street.

The Bacolod-based franchise boasts of a 52-inch diameter pizza. Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria is also making a 63-inch pizza, which comes with four different flavors which also aims to be the biggest pizza in the “Guinness World Book of Records”.

Photo above was taken early this morning. The pizza chain was able to create a 52-inch pizza in Bacolod City which is good for about 25 people. I don’t know if they have that one big in their CDO branch.

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Based on the above menu (taken from Cebu outlet), the pizza chain offers different pizza flavors. Sizes for their pizza range from eight inches to as big as 30 inches. Are you going to make a special order for the 52-inch?

Another pizza outlet opens…it’s pizza time once again in CDO.

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