The City Government is planning to transfer the eastbound terminal back to its original location in Agora. This after the City Council recently passed an ordinance pushing for the creation of another terminal for eastbound provincial public utility jeepneys and shuttle vans at the New Agora now Market City.

Vice Mayor Ian Acenas said the nearly 5,000 square meter eastbound terminal in Gusa will be given back to its original donor James Giam once abandoned.

The “conditional donation”, records show, was made in 1998 between Giam and the City Hall that paved the way for the P34 million Gusa Terminal’s opening in 2002.

In his letter to the city council, Mayor Vicente Emano said his proposal to transfer the public jeepneys and public vans from Gusa to Agora was based on the “soundness” of the recommendation made by the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA).

Perhaps, the terminal component of Market City involves not just spaces for buses but also eastbound PUJs and public vans.

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