The structural design of the under construction Gaisano Bulua has now taken shape. The commercial undertaking is right across De Oro Pacific Home Plus along busy Bulua Highway.

Without any press release, it’s hard to determine what Mr. Stephen Gaisano has in mind for his latest branch so we’ll just rely on assumption and rumors. As shown below, there’s a large opening on the left side of the building leading to the interior of the compound which I assume to include parking spaces.

You can also try to count the main columns to know the depth of the building from the highway.

Try to compare the usual height of a 2-storey building beside it… Gaisano has a high ceiling.

If I’m not mistaken, I’m assuming this is the irregular shape of the Bulua property. The pictures seen above and below show the main expanse of the small frontage along the highway shown on the map (CLICK MAP TO ENLARGE).

More photos below.

With the above updates, I’m expecting an opening by middle of 2011….

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