Site development of Ayala Mall in Cagayan de Oro City is now in full swing. Site preparation, clearing and pile driving are being undertaken at the same time as seen in the latest photos of the site taken just this morning.

About 70% of the 3.2-hectare lot have been cleared already with pile driving and excavation works being focused on the southwest portion, near the proposed site of the hotel component. You can see some piles already driven with more concrete piles being delivered onsite. There’s also an early indication of deep excavation on that portion where the proposed hotel is rumored to be located (I took some photos of the excavation).

There were at least two contractors onsite: UKC Builders (for the site clearing and pile driving); and DDT Konstract, Inc. Personnel of the latter firm were seen along the perimeter doing some excavation works for the perimeter lines.

I took the photos from three (3) vantage points: Gaisano Food Court, Capt. V. Roa Extn. (near Graphics) and Corrales Ave. (near NMMC). Browse over them by clicking each to see full size.

By December, we could see very significant changes on the property.

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