A GAISANO executive yesterday said the firm expects to boost its mall’s sales with the entry of the Ayalas in the city.

The Ayala group is building a shopping center just across the twin Gaisano malls along CM Recto Ave.. Gabby Bacarro, Gaisano marketing manager for northern Mindanao, said the Ayala center would increase the number of shoppers and mall goers in the area. Ayala executives have kept mum on the concept of their shopping center but there are unconfirmed reports that the firm was merely building a hotel and a supermarket across the Gaisano mall.

The site used to be owned by the Floirendos. The property, which encompasses Capt. Vicente Roa St., CM Recto Ave. and Corrales Ave., is relatively small compared to shopping centers built by the Ayalas in other parts of the country. Existing Ayala commercial centers closely resembles the existing layout of the spacious and multi-wing Limketkai Center with entrances and exits in every direction. In contrast, the Gaisano malls here merely consist of two buildings linked together by a multi-level skyway across Corrales Ave..

It used to only be “Gaisano City” on the western side. Gaisano Mall was added in 1997 on the eastern side. Bacarro said that if the Ayalas were only building a high-end hotel and supermarket, the Gaisano malls can offer its four cinemas and live entertainment activities which are often held at various times in a week. Bacarro also said the Gaisano malls can also lure customers from the Ayala mall.

“We basically complement each other and I don’t think we are competitors. Theirs is a high-end market, ours is for the masses,” Bacarro said.

article by Mark Francisco of GSD

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