THE Capitol University system has pledged its all-out support to one of its workers who is expecting quadruplets, a first in the city in recent history. Capitol University Medical City quality assurance manager Kendrick Cañares said the hospital has purchased one more incubator in anticipation of 25-year old Emelyn Deoduco’s birthing.

Deoduco, an employee of Capitol University Press, is confined at CUMC. The CU Press is the printing arm of the university, a sister firm of CUMC. Cañares said it is normal for mothers in multiple birth pregnancies to deliver their babies before the nine-month gestation period elapses. Deoduco is seven months pregnant.

Once the quadruplets are born, they will be immediately incubated artificially. Cañares assured that the new and existing incubators at CUMC are top of the line. CUMC has likewise hired two  neonatologists as “visiting consultants” specifically to look into Deoduco’s situation starting last Nov. 2 and take care of the infants after the delivery. Cañares identified the two neonatologists as Dr. Dennis Absin and Dr. Jocelyn Go. Neonatologists are pediatricians specializing on newborns. They will make the call on when Deoduco is supposed to give birth, Cañares explained.

“As much as possible, we are delaying the delivery up to the ninth month of the pregnancy for the babies to develop fully in the natural womb,” he said. Cañares said Deoduco and her quadruplets are in excellent health. For now, Deoduco is on absolute bed rest and care to induce the “best environment in the womb for the babies at this stage”.

Once she’s ready to give birth, Deoduco will be attended by her obstetrician Dr. Elena Rañises.

Rañises, Absin and Go will have the full support of the CUMC Department of Obstetrics led by its chair Dr. Henriett Batolina. During actual delivery, the anesthesiologist on site will be Dr. Francisco Hipona and the ultrasonologist will be Dr. Ma. Imelda Carbajal.

Two scrub nurses are normally required to assist in a delivery. Cañares said the delivery – either through the cervix or via Caesarian – is expected to last one hour. It is yet speculative at this stage on whether Deoduco will deliver the babies via Caesarian or through the cervix.

article from Gold Star Daily

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