AT LEAST P30 million has reportedly been allocated for the improvement of the city’s drainage system, sidewalks and pedestrian lanes, especially along Corrales St. in the northern part and Burgos St. in the south.

Representative Rufus Rodriguez (2nd district) said the amount has been approved by Secretary Rogelio Singson of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for the improvement of the city’s drainage, sidewalks and pedestrian lanes.

Rodriguez said the project will start this month and completion is expected before the end of 2011.

“The north and south city direction will have a full repair of its drainage while the sidewalks will be adorned with bricks just like in the other countries,” Rodriguez said.

According to him, the fund will be used to beautify the sidewalks and fix the roads along Corrales Sts. while Burgos St. will have a total overhaul of its drainage system as well as a facelift for the sidewalks and pedestrian lanes.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez said he would also allot funds for the improvement of the city museum at the former water tower near the Cathedral church, which is being managed by the City Historical Commission.

article by Nicole J. Managbanag of SSC

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