This is part four (4) of the buzz series. This time, I will be summarizing all the buzzes previously posted (at the end of this post). But first, the latest buzz is that the planned investment of the Crown Regency Group will be located at the Golden Village Phase 2 in Carmen.

Contrary to what was stated before, the site is not along the Kauswagan-Patag boundary but in the area near the Carmen-Patag boundary. Maybe, Mr. Quiamjot (who wrote the article at Business Week Mindanao) must have erred on the name of the location (with due to respect to Mr. Quiamjot :)). Specifically according to the rumor, it will rise at the Phase 2 of Golden Village, one of the first exclusive residential subdivisions in the city.

As shown below, perhaps it could be near or across Country Village Hotel. I don’t know if the Golf Driving Range (right fronting Country Village Hotel) is included in Phase 2. One interesting info according to the rumor is that it will be a triple tower (similar to that of the Fuente Towers in Cebu).

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More SaveMore branches

After the successful opening of its first SaveMore Market recently, the SM Group is rumored to be negotiating with the Limketkai Group for the old Roket Theater to be converted into another SaveMore branch. Roket Theater shown below is just a few blocks away from the rumored SaveMore branch at the former Golden Bell. “Roket” is a combination of ROsario + LimKETkai, similarly with Kairo (LimketKAI + ROsario). Now you know why LKK named their famous bar & resto-lined strip as Rosario Arcade.

Also, SM is rumored to be negotiating for another SaveMore at Elipe Park shown below in Carmen near Liceo de Cagayan University. Just last week, SM officials were rumored to have scouted an area in Barangay Puerto but the identified site was reportedly owned by businessman Hong See. Regarding Mr. Hong See, the site visited by SM Officials is said to be the area for his rumored Puerto branch of his Ororama chain of stores.

Rustans and Robinsons at Ayala Mall

After successfully forging deals for Starbucks and Marks & Spencer with Limketkai, the Rustans Group is rumored to be establishing their Department Store branch at the now under construction Ayala Mall. Rustans is known for its high end products and is expected to have a space at a high end mall like Ayala.

Robinsons on the other hand is rumored to be the anchor store for the upcoming Ayala Mall. If this is true, then this will be the second in the city after Robinsons Limketkai. Well, it will take several months before we can surely validate this info unless both Rustans and Robinsons will issue respective press releases.

Ayala Mall Cagayan de Oro is also rumored to be named GEMINI as per info provided by some commentaries on this blog. In Greek Mythology, Gemini were the twin brothers Castor and Pollux….remember the movie FACE-OFF? In astrology, Gemini is considered a “masculine”, positive (extrovert) sign. Perhaps the most dominant Geminian characteristic is versatility. The name of the mall is said to be attributed to the twin Acacia trees inside the property. You like the name? Lets wait for the official announcement.

New Paras Zip Line

Engr. Elpie Paras, the proprietor of Dahilayan Adventure Park is rumored to be constructing another zip line much longer than the 840-meter ZipZone in Manolo Fortich and this is said to be located somewhere in Indahag…. so a kilometer zip line perhaps? Below is the list of long zip lines in the country (source: although not updated.

Chinese Mall and Condotel

Lastly, this rumor began a few months back as a group of Chinese businessmen surveyed the area just beside Southwinds Hotel at the back of the Ayala Mall property. Rumor states that the mall is said to be 3 storeys with a 6-7 floor condotel on top. It will occupy a small area perhaps less than a hectare at the corner lot along Luna-Capt. V. Roa Sts. Problem is that there are informal settlers currently occupying the lot. The good news is that they are willing to be relocated.

As I said earlier below are current updates of previous buzzes.


  • New First Class Hotel – Manila-based businessman to put up hotel in the city comparable to first-class hotels in Manila. UPDATE: Guillermo Luchangco, President of Pueblo de Oro Group is the name of the business executive with plans of putting up the hotel at the Pueblo de Oro Township
  • New Cagayan de Oro Medical Center – a bigger and more modern hospital rumored to rise at Paseo del Rio, the mixed use development of Zealep Inc. or the Pelaez Group. UPDATE: Project rumored to be launched in 2011
  • GMA-7 Studio – Rumored launching of their own studio by September this year. UPDATE: Launching moved to November; 2 areas being selected – Lapasan (RCBC Bank Bldg) and Velez St. (Pelaez Bldg fronting City Central)


  • SM SaveMore Agora – UPDATE: recently opened
  • SM Hypermart at Limketkai Complex – UPDATE: None
  • Starbucks – UPDATE: Opening soon


  • Limketkai World-Class Hotel – UPDATE: Now under construction
  • Renovation of Kairo Theater – UPDATE: Rumored 2nd SaveMore Branch
  • Gaisano High Rise Hotel – Rumored to rise at the vacant lot beside Nazareno Church. UPDATE: None
  • Condotel by Hong See – Rumored to rise along Capt. Vicente Roa St. near Cogon. UPDATE: None
  • Ororama Megacenter to be Rebuilt – Rumored to start once Agora Project is finished. UPDATE: Building is now fenced with rumors of re-construction in 2011

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