THE voice sounded melodic and defenseless at first like a young woman yearning to be caressed, to be understood. Then without warning, the seemingly helpless voice rose into a bloodcurdling howl, betraying the fact that it belongs to a petite 18-year-old – Adeva Jane Esparrago.

Devs as she is fondly called is the vocalist of Mishap and Mayhem, probably the only female-fronted post-hardcore group in Cagayan de Oro.

The rest of the band members are lead guitarist David Kalidas, drummer Kirby Bade, rhythm guitarist Jegz Emano and bassist Daryl Desquitado.

Devs said the group was founded in May 2008 after the members – then high school and college students – discovered they had a common interest, the love of post-hardcore music.

For Devs personally, the passion runs in her blood – the eldest child in the family could always catch dad jamming to Sting, AC/DC and Sonic Youth tracks.

Because rock music runs in her genes, it is but natural for Devs to simply answer to that calling. And so, Devs rounded up a few friends who share the same talents and Mishap and Mayhem was born. But why Mishap and Mayhem? Devs said the name would add an authentic feel to their group as a postcore/screamo one.

Post-hardcore may not be a mainstream genre but their 15-20 demographic fanbase in Cagayan de Oro is slowly growing.

“From the stage, we can see that people like our music. They jam with us,” quips Devs.

Young as they are, we can expect that Mishap and Mayhem will continue to make noise in the City of Gold for years to come.

Tomorrow night, Mishap and Mayhem will be among the bands that will perform in the all-female show of talents aptly called Gurl at one of the nightspots here. See you then!

Photo: Vocalist Adeva Jane Esparrago (left) screams as drummer Kirby Bade (right) rolls during Mishap and Mayhem’s rehearsal at Reyes Studio. Slightly seen second from left is the band’s manager and lead guitarist David Kalidas.

article by Mark Francisco of Gold Star Daily

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