Here are some updates of previously posted constuction projects in Cagayan de Oro City. Shown above is the commercial building in Lapasan just near the Lapasan-Camaman-an Road Junction. Workers are now preparing for the 3rd floor as the structure for the second floor seems to be almost done.

More photos of the same project below.

Next update is that of the large commercial warehouse building complex fronting Pepsi-Cola Bottling Plant in Tin-ao, Agusan. As the city is a major transshipment hub, the need for warehouses are rising.

Below is an update of the 2-storey commercial building along Capt. Vicente Roa Street. Years ago, this street is just a short cut from the National Highway to Cogon with vacant idle lots on both sides of the street. Now, there are few vacant lots left as buildings are lining up as seen below, which are built wall to wall. 

This building below is also along Capt. V. Roa Street but at the junction of Ebarle Street. It was first posted in No. 19 of the series and it’s fast shaping up.

This building below in Cogon stands out with its glassy and metal cladding facade. I think they’re now finishing the interiors.

The former COC Annex along Vamenta Blvd. is now Special Appliance Plaza. Photo was taken last week so I expect store opening this week.

Finally, the colored cladding and glassy exteriors of the 5-storey building along Burgos-Chavez Sts. is now slowly revealed. This building is just near the proposed Golden Mile project.

The construction industry is booming in this part of the country.

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