Here’s some updated renderings of the proposed Student Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) Building of Xavier University to be located fronting Corrales Avenue between the agriculture and science center buildings.

As seen in the main perspective above, this will now be a 4-storey structure accessible to the public. It was previously just a 2-storey building. Both public at large and students can come in the front access doors to view and/or purchase products from SEP. A new student access gate is also being proposed to be set up at the rear for student entry to the main campus.

Shown below is the top view of the covered walkway connecting the EP Building to the campus and the closer view.

Below is the SEP Building (in the background) and the covered walkway…perhaps as seen from the proposed Magis Student Complex.

Show below is the proposed campus entrance located at the rear of the SEP Building. Said entrance style is now also installed at the main entrance of the university fronting PNB.

As per project prupose, the building plans to teach students entrepreneurship skills. In fact, one of the successful (IMO) project by students is the Malunggay Pastel…

We’ll just wait for info as to when this will begin.

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