Mindanao University of Science and Technology’s Science Complex is slowly showing its glassy facade. Latest construction updates show the main structure of the building is almost done with work on the exterior now being expedited.

As revealed in the following photos, the 5-storey building shows a sustainable aspect indicating firmness and stability built on the center of MUST’s soccer field…albeit located at the center of the rising floodwaters. Compare the latest update to the building’s perspective.

At the foreground is what remains of the flooding inside the campus. Some sectors (e.g. DPWH) state that the only way for the campus to avoid the flood is to elevate the entire campus!..the area (CM Recto-MUST-Coca-Cola) being located along the natural drainage from Camaman-an and Indahag which development has progressed far beyond the natural drainage capacity.

In fact, all new buildings inside the campus were constructed incorporating the highest flood levels.

Still, MUST President Ric Rotoras has other beautiful development plans for the city’s only state university…but first, he must consider the idea of relocating the campus or heed calls for elevating the campus.

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